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     Germany - 4. – 16. August 2015

About SRIMF  - Sulzbach-Rosenberg International Music Festival  http://www.srimf.com  http://www.interharmony.com

Group Photo of Music Students and musicians at SRIMF

The Sulzbach-Rosenberg International Music Festival (nicknamed SRIMF by locals) has been around for 9 years in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Bavaria, Germany. The summer of 2014 will mark a special celebration of its 9th anniversary. In addition to the intensity of InterHarmony in musical studies for aspiring musicians, the people of Sulzbach-Rosenberg and their enthusiasm for classical music and the festival are what make this session of InterHarmony so unique.

The ambience is not just the hardy German cuisine or European splendor, but the people who are so welcoming to the participants of SRIMF and to their music. Concerts are typically packed, with an average of 700 people in the Final Orchestra Concert each year. The newspapers are very active in writing about the festival and getting the word out there about concerts and stories about individuals performing at the festival from around the globe.

Christl Pelikan-Geismann - Mother of SRIMF

Students will get to know Christl Pelikan-Geismann, called the "Mother of SRIMF", originally by local newspapers, and then adopted by everyone else. Her toil and perseverance are what helps this festival to prosper on the Germany side.

Students will also get to know Mrs. Sperber from the Brauerei Gasthof Hotel Sperber-Bräu, where many of the artist faculty stay, or Mrs. Eberwein, the owner of Hotel-Gasthof Bayerischer Hof Hotel, where some faculty and students stay and that houses the restaurant where participants take meals, and Mrs. Lotter, the owner of Hotel-Gasthof Zum Bartl, where many students and faculty stay. The cultural integration and setting of the Medieval town are what makes SRIMF a prime experience for musical learning and growth.

Beispiel: Kenneth Ryu Naito Playing Wieniawski Scherzo-Tarentelle

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